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Gun Shooting in Siem Reap
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Gun Shooting in Siem Reap

USD$ 50 rent/hour

Many people  come to Cambodia in addition to sightseeing attractions such as mountains or sea, someone want adventure tour or love challenges.some tourists from different country and some tourists used to be army and some never seend guns and would like to see and try to shooot and feel for fun and just droping of some money to milatary like helping and support army training school. need to travel relatively longtime. Or someone not have enough time.

Cambodia Shooting Range, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh Cambodia

we have another option for tourists, who don't have enough time. And we are located in downtown Cambodia, so you don't have spend a lot of time on the bus or Taxi.

It takes only 30 minutes including transfer from your hotels or guesthouse  in siem reap or any other place in Cambodia .

Our large shooting range is distance of 25 meters with a capacity that will fit more than 20 people to shoot all at once. A technical will be present to instruct you at all times, so even a group of first timers, women or elderly may enjoy a safe and a pleasant shooting. And for serious shooters who wish to skill-up their shooting techniques and score-up their shooting ability, a well-trained officer may instruct you individually if requested.

Gun shooting in Cambodia

We are open to all People, who are Interested in a new experiences, 

On a very safe level ! Feel free to contact us !

Times: Daily (7:00 am. - 5:00 pm.) all year.

Duration: 1 - 2 hours

Contact Information
Contact person: Cambodia Shooting Range
Phone no.: +855 97 77 90 119
E-Mail: info@cambodiashootingrange.com
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